Senin, 30 Januari 2012

Roy Suryo: Results of CCTV, Afriyani's Xenia speed 89.24 km / h

Jakarta - Members of the House I Roy Suryo appointed as an expert witness CCTV recording that chauffeured Afriyani Xenia death and claimed dozens of lives in Tugu Tani, Central Jakarta.From the observations of Roy, a chauffeured car speed Afriyaniie 89.24 km / hour.

"I compare it with the duration of the recording. Xenia is recorded in the second half, a distance of 12.4 meters, so the speed is89.24 km / h," said Roy told AFP on Monday (1/30/2012).

According to the man who is called as an expert in telematics, thespeed of the car is driven Afriyani very high for short distances. But Roy could not see whether the driver of the car Afriyani's Xenia.

"I also can not see whether Afriyani drunk. But the speed isobvious," said this Democrat.

Roy told me, after obtaining CCTV footage Afriyani scene, he immediately came to one of the building across Tugu Tani, this afternoon. Roy met with officials of the building, making multiple recordings, and make a point of view.

There, Roy saw a road median, tree building name signage. Roy measure and compare the duration of the recording. As a result the speed of the building can be known.

Roy adds, Public Relations Jakarta Police Commissioner Roy Rikwanto already know these discoveries. Therefore, these results can be used for police investigation.

"I see it based on the existing record. But I have no right to convey the recording," said Roy.

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