Senin, 30 Januari 2012

Hundreds of People Close and Water Wash Dishes Due Time Brings Blessings

Why the Indonesian, really mystical?

Hundreds of visitors to the palace Kasepuhan Cirebon, WestJava, fighting over the remaining water to wash dishes because the ancients considered a blessing. Ritual washing dishesancient palace belonging Kasepuhan Cirebonn West Java,dilaksaakan week ahead of the celebration of the peak,heirlooms are only cleaned once a year after the rice usedtalismans.

"Close and residual water spray plate ancient palace belongingKasepuhan used as a place of rice in the next event on the evening peak of the prophet's birthday has been running everyyear. They believe the water is a blessing," said King Sultanpalace Kasepuhan Arief told reporters in Cirebon, Monday.

Water is a medium that carried out by the Prophet Muhammad topray treat the sick, he said, some water is considered sacred as water of Zam-zam in Mecca, as well as public trust water sprayplate Pantura palace has a blessing.

Meanwhile, visitors from Indramayu Revelation tells us, had cometo fetch water spray to take a blessing, because it is believed to cure diseases, fertile farmland. "The ritual of washing the disheswhich is a relic belonging Kasepuhan Cirebon court held regularlyevery year," he said.

Hadiaman other visitors from Tegal admitted, the remainingwater sink ancient palace belonging Kasepuhan believed to bring blessings so that they are willing to come from far away to fight over the water to attend the annual ritual of "Long Amulet"birthday of the prophet in the activity.

Each year ahead of the long fetish event, held one week before the event peaks, dozens purbala dishes are washed. There areeight years or so freshly washed. Last year only seven large plates, but this year nine plates. "The plate is used to feed the trustees," he said.

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