Sabtu, 28 Januari 2012

Interlocking Shot Hunters, Orangutan Mother Hugging Her Child

London - It was dramatic. A female orangutan who was pregnant and her son can only embrace each other when surrounded and about to be killed by a group of hunters in Borneo. Luckily, a pair of mother and child survived the orangutans after animal rescue activist from England arrived.
Wild animal rescue activist named Four Paws, based in the UK, which will stop the massacres committed by the hunters are on time. Both orangutan was finally secured to a remote jungle and safe from the hunters.
However, the Four Paws on the tracking device to pair them together so they can monitor their movements for their safety. Similarly, as reported by British media, the Daily Mail, Saturday (01/28/2012).
"Our arrival could not be more timely. If only a few minutes late, the orangutans would be dead," said ahlir primates from Four Paws, Dr. Signe Preuschoft.
"We found a group of youths surrounded them and the two orangutan looks petrified with fear. The young man appeared to rejoice at the thought of the wages that they can capture and killing of orangutans. Massacres like this must be stopped," he added.
Preuschoft said, the Four Paws activists have been combing the forests of Borneo is located on the border between Indonesia and Malaysia to find orangutans who survived the massacre. But their efforts were fruitless.
He explained, the orangutan habitat is declining due to illegal logging and has resulted in reduced drastically the number of species of orangutan.
This condition coupled with the palm oil companies who consider orangutan as a pest because it threatens their business viability. They also hired a number of people to eradicate orangutan orangutans and even the head of each valued nearly $ 1 million.
Slayer is a breaking news orangutans in Indonesia in September 2011 then. At that time, a number of local activists and students found the bones of orangutans in large numbers.
"Killing is both illegal orangutans in Indonesia, but the laws are poorly enforced properly. Prior to November last year, only two suspects who were arrested just petty. But in the last 2 months, there were about 10 people arrested, including a manager senior of the company's plantation where orangutans are found the bones, "explained a spokesman for Four Paws.
On the other hand, baby orangutans are left to die by its mother actually captured alive to be sold illegally.

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