Sabtu, 28 Januari 2012

Wahid Institute: There is a scenario to destroy Freedom of Religion

JAKARTA - The central government urged immediately take over and complete the polemics of the Indonesian Christian Church (GKI) Yasmin in Bogor, West Java. Because the group of opponents of the Church considered the more daring.

"If the central government kept silence and did not take measures appropriate legal corridor, it is not likely the situation will get worse," said Rumadi, program coordinator of The Wahid Institute through a short message on Sunday (1/22/2012).

Rumadi respond back to the intimidation of the GKI Yasmin church this morning by about 70 people. "The Church can no longer simply visit their church. In fact, they worship activities at one of the church is also surrounded by the masses," he said.

Rumadi called intolerant group was deliberately organized to cause chaos in religious life. According to him, there are those who are drawing up scenarios to make the problem GKI Yasmin as a farm destruction of the constitutional guarantee of religious freedom.

During this time, the government does not seriously assess Rumadi solve GKI Yasmin. It was seen from three times the cancellation of a joint meeting with the House of Representatives to discuss the matter.

"The issue GKI Yasmin is simple if all parties, especially the Mayor of Bogor and the central government following the Supreme Court's decision. If the Supreme Court decision ignored by the Mayor of Bogor and the central government, then this country can no longer be called the state law because the law has dikangkangi groups cloaked thugs , "said Rumadi.

Rumadi bill promises of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to Papua GKI pastors and PGI in Cikeas that will go down immediately resolve the problem GKI Yasmin.

"The President, what are you waiting for? Your People, Mayor of Bogor and relevant ministers have obviously could not finish," he added.

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