Rabu, 01 Februari 2012

Avanza Hit 7 People: a New Driver Learning to Drive

MAKASSAR - Accident streak that resulted in seven people rammed a car back in Makassar. This time, a black Toyota Avanza car with police number 1067 OU DD driven by Mutti (33)hit seven people at once on Jl Sunu, Makassar, on Tuesday (31/01/2012) night.

This is the second similar accident last weekend after a 14-yearboy who drove a red Hoda Jazz hit 11 people in five different locations.

Traffic Unit Officers (Satlantas) Polrestabes Makassar still investigating the accident on Jl Sunu that caused six people,including driver Avanza, should be treated in a hospital with injuries severe enough.

Avanza is now detained at the Unit Lakalantas Polrestabes Makassar as evidence. While the new Mutti will be examine dafter being declared cured. Mutti allegedly just learning to drive a car does not have enough skill to control the vehicle.

"Alleged while motorists have not been able to drive. We request that no driving force when it has not been able to because the consequences could be fatal like this," said Kasatlantas Polrestabes Makassar AKBP M Hidayat.

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