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Roy Suryo: Results of CCTV, Afriyani's Xenia speed 89.24 km / h

Jakarta - Members of the House I Roy Suryo appointed as an expert witness CCTV recording that chauffeured Afriyani Xenia death and claimed dozens of lives in Tugu Tani, Central Jakarta.From the observations of Roy, a chauffeured car speed Afriyaniie 89.24 km / hour.

"I compare it with the duration of the recording. Xenia is recorded in the second half, a distance of 12.4 meters, so the speed is89.24 km / h," said Roy told AFP on Monday (1/30/2012).

According to the man who is called as an expert in telematics, thespeed of the car is driven Afriyani very high for short distances. But Roy could not see whether the driver of the car Afriyani's Xenia.

"I also can not see whether Afriyani drunk. But the speed isobvious," said this Democrat.

Roy told me, after obtaining CCTV footage Afriyani scene, he immediately came to one of the building across Tugu Tani, this afternoon. Roy met with officials of the building, making multiple recordings, and make a point of view.

There, Roy saw a road median, tree building name signage. Roy measure and compare the duration of the recording. As a result the speed of the building can be known.

Roy adds, Public Relations Jakarta Police Commissioner Roy Rikwanto already know these discoveries. Therefore, these results can be used for police investigation.

"I see it based on the existing record. But I have no right to convey the recording," said Roy.

Hundreds of People Close and Water Wash Dishes Due Time Brings Blessings

Why the Indonesian, really mystical?

Hundreds of visitors to the palace Kasepuhan Cirebon, WestJava, fighting over the remaining water to wash dishes because the ancients considered a blessing. Ritual washing dishesancient palace belonging Kasepuhan Cirebonn West Java,dilaksaakan week ahead of the celebration of the peak,heirlooms are only cleaned once a year after the rice usedtalismans.

"Close and residual water spray plate ancient palace belongingKasepuhan used as a place of rice in the next event on the evening peak of the prophet's birthday has been running everyyear. They believe the water is a blessing," said King Sultanpalace Kasepuhan Arief told reporters in Cirebon, Monday.

Water is a medium that carried out by the Prophet Muhammad topray treat the sick, he said, some water is considered sacred as water of Zam-zam in Mecca, as well as public trust water sprayplate Pantura palace has a blessing.

Meanwhile, visitors from Indramayu Revelation tells us, had cometo fetch water spray to take a blessing, because it is believed to cure diseases, fertile farmland. "The ritual of washing the disheswhich is a relic belonging Kasepuhan Cirebon court held regularlyevery year," he said.

Hadiaman other visitors from Tegal admitted, the remainingwater sink ancient palace belonging Kasepuhan believed to bring blessings so that they are willing to come from far away to fight over the water to attend the annual ritual of "Long Amulet"birthday of the prophet in the activity.

Each year ahead of the long fetish event, held one week before the event peaks, dozens purbala dishes are washed. There areeight years or so freshly washed. Last year only seven large plates, but this year nine plates. "The plate is used to feed the trustees," he said.

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SOFA & PIPE Influences On Internet Surfing Freedom surf

When Rep. Lamar Smith announced Online Piracy Law Stop at the end of October last he knew that it would be controversial. But the Texas Republican Party may not anticipate the number of large and fierce protests from Internet users who SOPA announced during the last few months. To learn how sopa that CNET has compiled a list of frequently asked questions on the topic, "What is the justification for SOPA and PIPA?" Two words: rogue sites. It is a Hollywood term for Web sites that happen to be in a country that is more friendly to copyright infringement.
U.S. Chamber of Commerce, in a letter to the editor of The New York Times, said: "Rogue Web sites have been stealing American products are innovative and creative and draws more than 53 billion visits per year and is threatening more than 19 million jobs in the United States. "MPAA has a section of the Web sites devoted to Web sites Naughton.
Anyone who opposes sopa?, Most of the Internet industry and most Internet users.
On 15 November, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Zynga, eBay, Mozilla, Yahoo, AOL, and LinkedIn to write a letter to key members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, said Sopa pose "a serious risk to the industry track record of innovation and job creation, and for the security of our nation's cyber world. "Yahoo has been reported out of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce U.S. Chamber of Commerce for supporting the organization SOPA.
How SOPA / PIPE can Affect You?
Actually, these actions will directly affect the freedom of citizens using the Internet, many things will change. SOPA is a kind of censorship that threatens the way forward for the development of the Website and the openness of science stream.
Internet may be a field hunting for the slightest infringement of copyright. Of course the government loves blogs and bloggers, so this is a reasonable idea because with this they will receive special attention. This action makes the blog owner is responsible for everything that is displayed on their site, including comments from visitors.
Web sites such as blogs, youtube, etc. could be blocked or turned off, there will be no Facebook, YouTube, MediaFire, SoundCloud, Twitter, Dropbox, or other Web sites because it can easily be targeted as a place where online piracy can take place. What happens if the Internet without sites like this.
Case Example:
if there are other people to sing and record it and upload it on YouTube without being given permission from the record label to sing their favorite songs, and then went on to post on other video sharing sites. This will be a problem if you want the permasalahkan because it menyayikan favorite songs and publish them without permission from the record label. in addition to users, service providers can also be exposed to legal action because it provides the facility to share this file.

Wahid Institute: There is a scenario to destroy Freedom of Religion

JAKARTA - The central government urged immediately take over and complete the polemics of the Indonesian Christian Church (GKI) Yasmin in Bogor, West Java. Because the group of opponents of the Church considered the more daring.

"If the central government kept silence and did not take measures appropriate legal corridor, it is not likely the situation will get worse," said Rumadi, program coordinator of The Wahid Institute through a short message on Sunday (1/22/2012).

Rumadi respond back to the intimidation of the GKI Yasmin church this morning by about 70 people. "The Church can no longer simply visit their church. In fact, they worship activities at one of the church is also surrounded by the masses," he said.

Rumadi called intolerant group was deliberately organized to cause chaos in religious life. According to him, there are those who are drawing up scenarios to make the problem GKI Yasmin as a farm destruction of the constitutional guarantee of religious freedom.

During this time, the government does not seriously assess Rumadi solve GKI Yasmin. It was seen from three times the cancellation of a joint meeting with the House of Representatives to discuss the matter.

"The issue GKI Yasmin is simple if all parties, especially the Mayor of Bogor and the central government following the Supreme Court's decision. If the Supreme Court decision ignored by the Mayor of Bogor and the central government, then this country can no longer be called the state law because the law has dikangkangi groups cloaked thugs , "said Rumadi.

Rumadi bill promises of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to Papua GKI pastors and PGI in Cikeas that will go down immediately resolve the problem GKI Yasmin.

"The President, what are you waiting for? Your People, Mayor of Bogor and relevant ministers have obviously could not finish," he added.

Interlocking Shot Hunters, Orangutan Mother Hugging Her Child

London - It was dramatic. A female orangutan who was pregnant and her son can only embrace each other when surrounded and about to be killed by a group of hunters in Borneo. Luckily, a pair of mother and child survived the orangutans after animal rescue activist from England arrived.
Wild animal rescue activist named Four Paws, based in the UK, which will stop the massacres committed by the hunters are on time. Both orangutan was finally secured to a remote jungle and safe from the hunters.
However, the Four Paws on the tracking device to pair them together so they can monitor their movements for their safety. Similarly, as reported by British media, the Daily Mail, Saturday (01/28/2012).
"Our arrival could not be more timely. If only a few minutes late, the orangutans would be dead," said ahlir primates from Four Paws, Dr. Signe Preuschoft.
"We found a group of youths surrounded them and the two orangutan looks petrified with fear. The young man appeared to rejoice at the thought of the wages that they can capture and killing of orangutans. Massacres like this must be stopped," he added.
Preuschoft said, the Four Paws activists have been combing the forests of Borneo is located on the border between Indonesia and Malaysia to find orangutans who survived the massacre. But their efforts were fruitless.
He explained, the orangutan habitat is declining due to illegal logging and has resulted in reduced drastically the number of species of orangutan.
This condition coupled with the palm oil companies who consider orangutan as a pest because it threatens their business viability. They also hired a number of people to eradicate orangutan orangutans and even the head of each valued nearly $ 1 million.
Slayer is a breaking news orangutans in Indonesia in September 2011 then. At that time, a number of local activists and students found the bones of orangutans in large numbers.
"Killing is both illegal orangutans in Indonesia, but the laws are poorly enforced properly. Prior to November last year, only two suspects who were arrested just petty. But in the last 2 months, there were about 10 people arrested, including a manager senior of the company's plantation where orangutans are found the bones, "explained a spokesman for Four Paws.
On the other hand, baby orangutans are left to die by its mother actually captured alive to be sold illegally.

Dahlan Iskan: Chat difference between Businessman and Politician

Jakarta - Minister of State Owned Enterprises (SOEs), Dahlan Iskan, interpreting the difference between a politician with a businessman. According to him, a politician, when it is gathered with fellow politicians, who talk about every day, every hour, even 24 hours, not far from how the people down.

"If a politician if togethers with my friends who are also politicians, who diomongi not far ngomongi ill of, vilify people, elbowing people and knock people, willing to meet even 24-hour hour was not far from the diomongi vilify people," said Dahlan in Entrepreneurial party TDA 2012 "characterpreneur expanding new generation" in-ukm Smesco Building, Jl Gatot Subroto generals, Saturday (28/01/2012).

However, what difference does it make businesses more togethers? According, again if Dahlan togethers, business people do not talk much of how to promote the business, and all sorts of other optimism.

"If business people gathered again, what the hell are talking about, yes none other than how to succeed, how can the opportunities, how, entirely to how to be successful, that's the difference between politicians and businessmen," said Dahlan.

Dahlan Iskan sure, if someone wants to be an entrepreneur, it should kumpulnya often as entrepreneurs, business partners do not view it large, small or successful or not successful.

"I believe people become entrepreneurs, talented entrepreneurs can infected or exposed to, but I do not believe talent can be learned businessmen," said Dahlan.

Military coup d'etat in Papua New Guinea

Port Moresby - Soldiers who rebelled against the Government of Papua New Guinea (PNG) conducted a bloodless coup in Port Moresby today. They claim to have appointed a new army chief.
The crisis that occurred in the middle of each klaimkekuasaan between former Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare with Prime Minister Peter O'Neill. The renegade soldiers occupied the barracks in Port Moresbysebelum Taurama dawn local time.
Then they again reached out to Murray's barracks, which is the military headquarters of PNG. In Murray's barracks, they decided to implement a house arrest to the Military Commander Brigadier General Francis Agwi PNG.
The former defense attache to the Republic of Indonesia over PNG, Kolobel Safa appointed himself as the new Army Chief of Staff. Hitherto unreported bloodshed in the insurgency.
While the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia confirmed that the Military Commander of PNG has been derived by force.
"We are worried about the developments taking place in Port Moresby," said party Kemenlu as quoted by ABC Australia, Thursday (26/01/2012).
Australia requested that the situation resolved as quickly as possible and want the PNG military command can be restored immediately.
PNG PM Peter O'Neill also said that the central authorities take immediate measures to address this issue. O'Neill himself has not issued a comment on the current situation.
PNG power struggle between Somaredan O'Neill has been going on for months. Last year the Supreme Court and the Governor-General Sir Michael Ogio memberikang PNG support for Somare.
According to the court, the powers Somare forcibly removed when he was undergoing medical treatment abroad. But Ogio later withdrew his support for Somare and mentioned that a bad legal decision making back support Somar.

Two Villages in Lampung Attack Each Other

SOUTH LAMPUNG - Clashes between villages in District Sidomulyo, South Lampung regency, underway since this morning.

Two villages are fighting the marl and Kotadalom. As a result of these clashes, the traffic flow at Jalan Lintas Sumatra Bakauheni Port, Bandarlampung, faltered because the path in the segment was closed.

In addition, the driver of the vehicle and the direction from the direction Bandarlampung Bakauheni not want to pass because the conditions gripping.

Based on data obtained Legal, the incident began when a mass is suspected of attacking citizens of the village of Kampung marl Kotadalom approximately 08.00 pm, Tuesday (01/24/2012).

When conflicts occur, the mass seen carrying sharp weapons and attacked each other. Not yet known what causes this bentrokkan.

South Lampung Regent, Rycko Menoza; Lampung Police Chief, Jodie Brigjend Rooseto; together Danrem Black Garuda, Colonel Alamsyah; Chief of Police of South Lampung, AKBP Harry Muharram Firmansyah, fell straight to the scene to calm the citizens.

In front of the masses, regents asked residents do not mind and anarchic. Until now, there has been no official information about the cause of the incident, including material losses and casualties.

wah .. wah .. wah .. what's wrong with this nation?
why are so easily have been riots?

Reckless driving Cars, teenagers in Makassar Hit 15 People

Makassar - Genesis Xenia similar accident that killed nine people in Makassar. A junior high school students with the initials HR (14), driving a car recklessly so hit 15 people in five different locations.

Red Jazz 175 DD UG ultimately undermined the infuriated citizens of act of HR. Now the 15 people hospitalized in crash victim Haji Makassar.

As manifested Kasatlantas Polrestabes Makassar AKBP M Hidayat, a collision that occurred on Saturday (01/28/2012) this morning began at Jl Baji Gau, near SMPN 3 Makassar. The second collision occurred on Paradise Road, near the Mount of Olives church.

Not quite got there, the HR re-hit people in Dangko Street, then crashed into vehicles of residents in Hartaco Complex. HR action only stopped after hitting a resident in Tata Dg Jl I.

"Performer is currently on police secured Tamalate, cars that were damaged mass actors while waiting for a tow truck and kept members of the traffic policeman, as many as 15 crash victim was rushed to hospital Hajj and other nearby hospitals," said Hidayat

What is this new phenomenon ... this new event ... and this rhino Xenia jazz rhino ...
will arise if other rhinos can be serious ... .. the streets of Indonesia is not safe ....

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Nazaruddin Circulate Money U.S. $ 1.1 Million to Senayan

Defendant Mohammad Nazaruddin flow of funds to reach U.S. $ 1.1 million to members of the House of Representatives in Senayan to take care of the construction project Pensions SEA Games athletes.
"Mr. Nazaruddin ask for money but a lot more to his business friends in the House of Representatives," said Yulianis before Judge Corruption Court, Jakarta, Wednesday (25 / 1).
According Yulianis, total money requested Nazaruddin of U.S. $ 1.1 million given directly to Nazaruddin if there is in the office or use a courier if concerned are in the House.
"If Mr. (Nazaruddin) in the House, my driver, Lutfhi, Dada, and Bari which ushered in," explains Yulianis.
Yulianis describe, from the demand Nazaruddin, he's already spent U.S. $ 450 thousand on April 30, 2010. Then, on the same date also issued money of U.S. $ 50 thousand, U.S. $ 200 thousand, and $ 400 thousand.
Not only for board members in Senayan, Yulianis reveals, Permai Group also spent money to secure the project at the Ministry of Youth and Sports (Kemenpora).
"Mrs. Mindo Rosalina Manullang (Rosa) says there are to the Secretary of the Ministry of Youth and Sports (Seskemenpora) Wafid Muharram, Paul Nelwan. There also are to Angelina Sondakh and Wayan Koster," said Yulianis.
Yulianis elaborate further, based on his notes, Paul Nelwan get the flow of funds amounting to Rp150 million. While Angelina Sondakh and Wayan Koster each receive 2 billion and Rp 3 billion.
Former Deputy Director of Finance Permai group also said in the meeting Nazaruddin defendant never mentioned the name of Angelina Sondakh, Menpora Andi Mallarangeng, and Paul Nelwan security related projects.
Yulianis further said the money spent on securing projects Athletes Pensions was taken from the results of project and also a portion of the fee received by Permai Group.
Earlier, in his testimony at the hearing on Monday (16 / 1), Mindo Rosalina Manullang said there was demand for funds from the Budget Board member of Parliament from the Democratic Party, Angelina Sondakh.
Later, Rosa said demand was realized Rp2 billion and Rp3 billion through staff Angelina Sondakh named Jefri.
Rosa also said there is flow of funds of U.S. $ 50 thousand to 'Mr. Bali' which allegedly is a member of the House Budget PDIP faction Wayan Koster.

ndonesia In The 5th Rank Of Malnutrition Worldwide

Ministry of Health Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih said Indonesia was currently ranked fifth in the nation with global malnutrition."Ranked fifth for the total population in Indonesia is also the world's fourth largest," said Endang. Number of children under five who are malnourished in Indonesia is currently around 900 thousand inhabitants. This amount is 4.5 percent of total Indonesian children under five, ie 23 million inhabitants.Malnutrition areas scattered across Indonesia, not only the eastern part of Indonesia.

To resolve this problem the Ministry of Health invites all stakeholders from governments, international agencies, non-governmental organizations, universities, and community to give priority to the improvement of food and nutrition in everypolicy. This step, he said, should be followed by implementation of good and proper evaluation.

Endang also admitted that he would coordinate with other ministries to overcome this problem. "We will ask the Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare to collect the ministries related to the food problem in order to synergize and work together to solve the problem of malnutrition," he said. The Ministry is Endang is Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Industry,and Ministry of Maritime Affairs.

Penalties for Drunk Driver

JAKARTA - The case of a drunk driver who hit road users as happened in the deadly accident on the road Ridwan Rais, Central Jakarta was also unheard of in Foreign Affairs. There are some cases that are similar to that done Afriani Susanti, driver Xenia 'Death' that killed nine people.

So how about the penalties for drunk driver who killed other people's lives overseas? Here are some events drunken driver who killed another person following his sentence.

July 2009

Chengdu court sentenced him to death to Sun Weiming, July 2009. This is the first time drunk driver sentenced to death in China. Weiming considered dangerous to public safety because of drunk driving, involved kecelakaann and killed four people. In the appeals court revoked his sentence to life imprisonment

June 7, 2010Houston court verdict for John Jacob Winne with 30-year jail sentence for hitting 13-year proven that fresh off the school bus.John stated the police investigation of drunk when driving a vehicle.

June 8, 2010A court in Zhejiang Province, China sentenced to life imprisonment on the Shunzhong, members of congress in the city of Taizhou. Shunzhong who are drunk driving BMWnya hit dozens of people, resulting in four people were killed and eight seriously injured.

December 22, 2010Andrew Thomas Gallo (23) of San Gabriel, California received the maximum sentence after the jury declared him guilty of drunk driving criminal charges of murder and two other crimes. He was sentenced to 51 years in prison after a drunk and involved an accident. Baseball athlete killed Nick Adenhart, Cortney Stewart (20) student at California State University at Fullerton and law student Henry Pearson.

February 4, 2011Jeffrey David Kirby was sentenced to nine years in prison by a court of Santa Ana, California, USA. Jeffrey declared drunk when the accident that led to the deaths involved television star Tapout, Charles 'Mask' Lewis.

January 20, 2012The court in San Antonio punish Sandra Briggs (59) with a 45-year prison sentence. Briggs in intoxicated condition when it hit the car, causing a police officer of San Antonio, Sergio Antilon were killed 15 days after treatment.