Kamis, 02 Februari 2012

A Man Died In An Ambulance Stuck In Traffic

Cibitung - Imagine what would happen if ya already stuck in traffic due to labor demonstrations that lasted all day yesterday. The sick in the ambulance, the mother will give birth, those who want to get married, until the dying for a pee and bowel movements, certainly very miserable.

At KM 24 (Cibitung) toward Cikampek, a man came out of the car and asked the road because his wife will give birth. Labor greeting him with a check to see the contents of the car. In the cart here is a mother to give birth. The workers finally deign to open the road for him.

In addition to mothers who give birth, there are riders who are getting married. A man wearing a batik out of the car and asked the workers to open roads. After checking the truth of it, the workers also paved the way for the wedding party.

Gatot Subroto Street, Pilar, District of North Cikarang, a citizen who will go to the hospital no less tortured because congestion is already snaking intercepted. "The condition of these people were critically ill and, because of the traffic from the morning until noon,he immediately died in the ambulance,'' said Apuk Idris, one of the residents.

Previously, because it does not hold holding pee, a womanpassenger on a bus desperate pee on the side of the highway.

However, the workers were not hap hazardly paved the way for motorists tolls. A car being caught lying down again. Labor is not willing to open the way for the rider who lie.

17.30 hours, hundreds of motorists who controlled the highwayslowly disbanded after three companies Meto Police Mobile Brigade parachuted Jaya.

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